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'Angrezon ke Zamane ki' health facilities in Ballia

During quit India movement , in 1942, the three districts Satara, Medinipur and Ballia respectively from Maharashtra, Bengal and Uttar Pradesh were greeted by freedom in advance from the British rule, but immediately thereafter they were conquered again. Ballia was proud for one J P Narayan and Chandrachekhar, who later on became the prime minister of India, though for a very short time. Thus, Ballia has attained a proud place in modern Indian history. As a welfare state, our central and state governments have been struggling for the betterment of the people of India.
But this Ballia has, in fact, been neglected during last six decades of development. Though to some extent there are so many changes visible is so many fields, but yet in many respects the rays of development have not reached. Roads, electricity and even in the realm of education, Ballia is advancing.
As far as, the medical facilities are concerned, Ballia is deplorably lying behind, there is one main hospital at the head quarters which is very old. Recently it has been modernised. To some extent, in remote rural areas like Ibrahimpatti, Dubahar and Sonbarsa the light of medicinal development is seen. But, it’s yet very little. There are many health centres, but the facilities are zero.
One thing which is more important, the treatment of diseases is only fruitful only when the patients are pathologically examined but there is no facility of Pathology, ECG, CT Scan etc..
Some diseases are very fatal as brain haemorrhage. But there are no specific tools which can be helpful in proper diagnosis in such cases.
In the absence of CT Scan the patients of Ballia either compelled to go to Patna or Varanasi. But unfortunately many of them collapse on the way. Some of them succeed to arrive there they have to face so many difficulties as the long queue or have not sufficient money they survive only when there is grace of God on them.
So, Ballia has not proper facility of diagnostic equipments, which may be helpful in treatment of serious complications like brain haemorrhage.
The people of Ballia in relation to above mentioned need, or in consensus that there should be a CT Scan plant in Ballia and in some of government hospitals in rural areas like Sonbarsa in eastern part of Baiila. In western part of Ballia such facilities are also required

  • By R.P. Singh
[The author is a retired Professor]