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Cong fumes as Modi says will write to Sonia on price rise in Italian

Whipping up Sonia Gandhi's foreign origin to flag the price rise issue, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi made a veiled attack on the Congress chief saying he would now write a letter to the Centre in 'Italian' to make it act to rein in food prices.[SourceLink]


It's all political. The people of nation has given mandate to the Congress party. The Congress is being led by Sonia Gandhi. The issue of foreign origin is dead now. 

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Sam, Mumbai in TOI : what ever the subject Modi behaved uncivilised and commenting on any individuals and personalities. the same applies to his party if any one comment on this personalities is mad. sonia is not the government,
he would have wrote letters to the relevant food ministers, not to sonia.he should comment decently if he want to point the party . how does the italian come into this issue. its shows his attitude towards integataing people, not a good quality as a politician and leader.
Asfan Alam,Birmingham, Uk in TOI : Modi is well known for making preposterous remarks. This shows his lack of intelligence.