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Government schemes for farmers lead to price rise!

Prologue : The price rise is main concern for the government. This is what reflected in President's Speech in parliament today.
On price rise, the president said, 
“The government is taking enough measures to control the rising price of sugar. Also steps are being taken to boost the availability of sugar, wheat and agricultural production in the country.”
“Relief to ‘aam admi’ from high food prices to remain government's top priority. The government will bring legislation on food security. “India has weathered the economic crisis better than other countries. India’s economy is likely to grow by 7.5 per cent in current fiscal. The government will target over 8 per cent growth in next fiscal and 9 per cent in 2011-12.”

Epilogue : But see, what's the reason behind price rise, as the government thinks...

"They are also to some extent a reflection of the implementation of our schemes of inclusive growth involving payment of higher procurement prices to our farmers and the impact of higher public spending on programmes of rural development, which have successfully raised incomes in rural areas," the President said.