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People want solution, not the challanges & political troubles

Prologue : Price hike has hit most of us in the country badly. Things going on, mocking all claims from government. Now Prime Minister has asked state governments to come forward to tackle the issue.
The PM Manmohan Singh said:
"It will never be possible to insulate ourselves from the pulls and pressures of international demand and supply. The State Governments must forge appropriate strategies to bolster food production and tackle shortages of essential supplies."
Addressing the first annual conference of the Chief Secretaries, Singh reaffirmed Centre's commitment to assist States in everyway it can. Doing some plain speaking on newer challenges confronting the administrators, the Prime Minister said people today resent "apathy, sloth and corruption in any form and at any level of government more than ever before".
He said the rising expectations of the people made them impatient with the speed at which results were delivered by the government.
"Governance today has become extremely complex... There is clamour for accountability from all quarters - the legislature, the judiciary and the media," he said.[SourceLink]
Epilogue : The PM has mentioned all the challanges before the government. The troubles, being faced by him. Has assured of help to the states. But, where's solution?