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Self immolation bids, not the solution; come on and think of country, it needs best of your energy

Prologue : It hurts me, you too, most of you. The extreme steps like self immolation or any form of such act seldom lead to a solution. The life is much valuable, save it any way.
S Yadaiah, a student of intermediate second year, set himself ablaze at the main entrance of Osmania University as police had prevented students from marching towards the state assembly to lay a siege demanding resignation of all elected representatives of Telangana region.

Epilogue : Sacrifice do work. Sometimes the nation needs sacrifice. There are heaps of issues to be addressed. Any way, we must always keep in mind - the country needs more sacrifices, and not a state now. Self immolation bid is not the solution, COME ON, more and more IMPORTANT works have been waiting, you people.