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After Car-o-Bar, it's Bar-on-Board

Whenever a person looks on the shoes. Stands up, while the train - moving in full speed. And moves towards either gates, what co-passengers think (or, should think) ?

S/he, going to spit in the basin,
S/he, going for face wash,
S/he, (generally ‘he’) going to smoke.
When a person leaving towards either gate, carrying something in hand, what copassengers think (or, should think) ?
If a towel in hand : going for a face wash.
If going with purse (generally ‘she’), hanging on shoulder : going to remove make up etc.
But, when two persons leaving towards either gate, carrying a bag (feeling heavy) , what copassengers think (or, should think) :
They’ve reached destination. They’re going to step down.
But, what should they think when the train is running fast. The next destination is more than 45 minuites away. All get engaged in their own activities.
Scene I : When one of co-passengers goes to toilet. He observes that both the persons are discussing on some topic of current affairs, sehwag’s latest score etc. Both, try to hide something behind them.
Scene II : Another co-passenger reaches there. He sees a plastic glasses in their hand. He comes back to his berth and let others know, what’s going on and how he smelt alcohol. Actually, they belong to remote areas. It look new for them.
After a while, one of the two persons arrives at his berth. “Bhaiya wants your company”, he asks the girl lying on top berth. Instantly, she steps down. Moves rapidly, as she was already waiting for the call.
Scene III : The girl has joined the company. ‘He’ and ‘she’ are smiling while talking. Often laughing. Both looking very happy.
Scene IV : In the compartment, all the copassengers have slept, following their dinner. Lights are off.
Scene V : It’s almost zero hrs. ‘He’ and ‘she’ arrive. Lights are again on. One person of their company already waiting. All begin their dinner. Laughing loudly, talking, or say, shouting continuously.
Everyone feels bothered, but no protest. Those already slept, now awaken. But, no one protests. It’s a public place.
It’s a common practice in trains. Those who drink, they opt for this way. This is not a new style intant bar concept. Those who practice Car-o-Bar (consuming liquor inside their vehicle, near a liquor shop or thin crowd corner snacks’ or egg shop) in metros, they also keep their mode of joy on running trains.
Now, what’s add on? What’s new in this concept?
Ladies have joined the company of Gentlemen. Hope for the best, anyway, anyhow.
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