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Tharoor & Modi : Both follow each other on Twitter

Shashi Tharoor, MoS, MEA, has clarified himself, saying, he was not involved in any deal  he  offered just an informal patronage, being an MP from the area. Lalit Modi sprincles a full dose of allegations whenever appears on camera.
The current controversy has displayed the rivalry between them, if the IPL is concerned. Things going on. Gossips going on. What's going to be result should only be awaited. Hope for the best for cricket.
But, on social networking site, both show different approach. On Twitter, both, Tharoor and Modi follow each other. Both have their verified accounts.  
Shashi Tharoor has 720125 followers [at the time, this post is being written] and he follows 32 persons including Lalit modi.
See the other side of coin. Lalit modi has a list of 71,307 followers and following 24 persons including Shashi Tharoor.
New Delhi & Thiruvananthapuram have been mentioned as location for Shashi Tharoor. His bio says, "author, humanitarian, peacekeeper, columnist, former UN Under-Secretary General, now Minister of State for External Affairs, Govt of India". His website is :
Lalit Modi's bio says, "IPL Chairman & Commissioner". His website mentioned here is :
However, following a person can't be an interpretation of friendship or rivalry. Any one can follow any person. s/He should be a member, of course. The follower, on twitter, receives all the tweets from the person he is following.